Finding a Balance – Harmony in Your Life

Whether you’re into Eastern religions or not, something most of us would agree on is the need of finding balance between work, family fun, etc., in our lives. It’s all too easy to let goof the things that mean the most to us and focus instead on the things that “need” doing. Often this is referred to as ignoring the important in favor of the urgent. The cure is both simple and yet difficult.

In order to break the control of the urgent, you have to set aside time, preferably an hour or so, with a pencil and paper. Spend a few minutes just sitting still. You want your mind to be reasonably quiet and focus when you begin. Once your mind is quiet, take your paper and pencil and start jotting d own the things that are important to you. How important is work? What about your family? Learning new things? Reading a book? This is your list; no one else will ever see it. Let go of the guilt of what you think should be important to you, and work out your own priorities in your mind and on paper.

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