Is it time to fire your coach?

Famous personalities like Alex Ferguson in English football and Phil Jackson in basketball were some of the famous sports coaches to be looked at in the past, and they are still to take as reference today. But what you need to know is that when I mention the term coach I do not necessarily mean the sports definition of it. There are other forms of coaches that can change your life and can help you achieve your targets and full potential.

A coach is a guide that can make you reach your latent qualities and abilities at an accelerated pace. A coach may be the perfect means to make you reach your goal. What is interesting in today’s life is that you can hire a coach for almost everything, so a coach may assist you at each and every aspect of your life. For instance it is common belief that to achieve your goals in life you should increase your communication skills and also be clearer in expressing your self-confidence. This can be taught. Thus you can reach your goals faster if you hire the right coach. But what if you select a bad one? Firing him may be the best option. But do not do that lightly.

The selection of the coach is very important. It is as essential as purchasing or investing in an asset which will generate a greater yield in the future. Coaches mainly focus on the question “what are your goals?”, but there are very few coaches that actually guide and accompany you during the whole process of “how achieving your goals”. So what if you are not satisfied with your current coach and feel you are not evolving? Before you take the decision to fire him, it is my opinion that you analyse objectively whether he already has all the qualities essential in a good coach. If this is the case, you can try to follow a path of common evolution and enhancement where both of you can learn from each other, where basically you teach him how to teach you.

But what should you look at when hiring a coach? When you are looking at a life coach for example, it is essential that he practises what he preaches. Check whether the coach has a similar lifestyle as yours and if his teachings have actually improved his own life. The next most important factor is authenticity. You need to know some people who he coached before and whether their lives have actually improved as well. None can improvise himself as a life coach. Check his biography and curriculum vitae.

Hiring a coach has to be done with a lot of care and concern. It should be noted that a coach plays a very important role in the life of an individual and his personal evolution. How a guide can change and mould a person’s life is something exceptional. It is also not easy to fire a coach. Firing a coach has a lot of costs and there is a lot of pressure in selecting another good one. A coach understands his student very well and thus becomes accustomed to his needs and other demands. All that has a learning curve that may be also very long, and this should be considered before firing a coach. Thus the hiring-firing policy does not always hold true and one should weigh various aspects very carefully before taking any decision that might be bitterly regretted lately.

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