4 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Because you are special and deserve to pamper yourself, here are four easy ways to make your life a little easier. Take time away from the stress of daily demands, including demands from your job, your family, and your friends.

It is important to make sure there is always time left for you. Chances are that you don’t find as much time for yourself as you wish. Try some of these inexpensive ways to pamper yourself:


There are many small pleasures in life, and for some, a daily pleasure is eating a breakfast cereal. Many foods are bad for you, but your cereal is important because it helps you to consume the necessary fuel for the first half of your day. Choose a cereal that you really like and keep it stocked in your kitchen. For example, Special K Vanilla with Almonds cereal usually costs about $4 a box Eating this cereal is a pleasant experience. It’s worth $4 a week if you are going to make a commitment to eating breakfast.


Maybe you have a gym membership, and maybe you don’t. Making time for fitness is essential for your mind and body. If you have a membership, use it. If you don’t, go for a walk, a run, or a bike ride. You can pass on an opportunity to go out with friends or read the latest book you purchased. Take an hour to exercise and you’ll feel better because the endorphins will elevate your mood.


Is there a movie that you have been dying to see? Now is the time to spend the $8-10 that a movie costs and go see it. You can get a lot of personal time out of those two hours in the movie theatre. This decision is about taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to do something just for you.


Do you have a favorite soap, body wash, perfume, or shampoo? This decision is about buying your favorite scented product, regardless of the cost. You deserve to smell good and to wear that smell all the time because it pleases you. Small pleasures like smelling good can make a big difference in your mood.

No matter how you pamper yourself, it is important to spend the money or time to create little pleasures for yourself. All work and no play make you a grouch. Are you ready to enjoy life just a little bit more?

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