Coping With Anger

Anger is an emotion that most people do not enjoy feeling, yet it has a useful purpose. Anger is a valuable defense mechanism, and a warning that should always be acknowledged. A person is likely to become angry if they feel that they are being physically or emotionally assaulted. An individual may become angry if he has unmet requirements, or if someone else violates his rights Being exploited, giving too much, or making too many compromises can also lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

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3 Fall Resolutions

As you contemplate leaving behind the long days of summer, consider the value of adopting resolutions for the fall. Ifyou have been putting off changes in your personal lifestyle during the first part of this year, the fall season re presents your time to put things in order and get back on track. You don’t have to wait until January to improve your personal habits. Here are three fall resolutions to consider.

1. Start a regular exercise plan. Perhaps exercising is not the way you want to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, but this great time of year is the perfect time to explore your community. Visualize the benefits of cycling, walking, hiking, rowing, and jogging. Be active while you enjoy the beautiful color changes of fall.

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4 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Because you are special and deserve to pamper yourself, here are four easy ways to make your life a little easier. Take time away from the stress of daily demands, including demands from your job, your family, and your friends.

It is important to make sure there is always time left for you. Chances are that you don’t find as much time for yourself as you wish. Try some of these inexpensive ways to pamper yourself:

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